Re-examining Democratic Transitions in Times of Crisis [Program]


NYU Berlin & Freie Universität, 22‐23 November 2013

A two-day conference, organized by
Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYU
Freie Universität Berlin
NYU Berlin

Sponsored by NYU Global Research Initiatives


Friday, November 22
NYU Berlin (Schönhauser Allee 36)


• Welcoming Note
Gabriella Etmektsoglou (NYU Berlin)

• Introductory Remarks
Kostis Kornetis (NYU)

• Report on a Conference & on a Special Issue
Effi Gazi (University of the Peloponnese) & Vangelis Karamanolakis (University of

5.00-5.15 Coffee

5.15-7.00 The Greek Metapolitefsi: From Democratic Transition to Demo-Crisis
Chair: Miltos Pechlivanos (FU Berlin)

Children of Metapolitefsi: Shifting Narratives of the 1970s’ Generation(s) Towards the Postauthoritarian Transformation
Nikolaos Papadogiannis (Humboldt University)

From Democracy to Demo-crisis: Questioning the Transition
Antonis Liakos (University of Athens)

7.30 Dinner

Saturday, November 23
Freie Universität, Schwendenerstr. 8

10.30-12.45: Revisiting Transitions in Times of Crisis: 1970s, 1989, 2011
Chair: Kostis Kornetis (NYU)

The Colors of Refolution: Revisiting the Political Economy of Spanish and Romanian Postauthoritarian Transformations
Cornel Ban (Boston University)

Return to Revolution. The 1974 Portuguese Spring and its “austere” anniversary
Guya Accornero (Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)

The Spanish Model After the Economic Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Southern Europe
Diego Muro & Guillem Vidal-Lorda (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals)

Rebooting Transitology: Comparative Democratization Processes and the Arab Spring
Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou (Graduate Institute and Geneva Center for Security Policy)

1.30 – 2.30 Lunch break

2.30-4.00: Lost in Transitions: The Case of Theory
Chair: Effi Gazi (University of the Peloponnese)

Transitions: Is There any Theory?
Leonardo Morlino (LUISS University of Rome)

Transitology: Before and After
Philippe Schmitter (European University Institute)

4.00-4.15 Coffee break

4.15-6.45 Transitional Justice, Historical Memory, and the Effects of Democratization
Chair: Antonis Liakos (University of Athens)

The Use of Transitology in the Field of Transitional Justice. A Critical Approach on Latin America and Eastern Europe
Raluca Grocescu (CNRS)

Retrospective Politics, Transitional Justice and the Philosophy of History
Berber Bevernage (Ghent University)

The Effects of Alternative Paths to Democracy
Stephan Haggard (UC San Diego) & Robert R. Kaufman (Rutgers)

7.00 Dinner

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